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April 13 - 17, 2020: Seeds!

Hello all! I am really missing school! This time with my family has been pleasant, but I never thought we'd be doing this kind of distance learning for the rest of the school year. Thank you all for your cooperation with the mandates. Please know that I am proud of you all for handling your individual situations the best that you can. My intent is never to overwhelm you with things you SHOULD be doing with your child, rather just to offer suggestions for things you CAN do if you feel like it. There is a new section at the bottom of the weekly document for printables. I hope some of these resources will be helpful to you. I hope you have a nice Easter with your family. I know ours is going to feel really strange without our grandparents but we're trying to embrace it. CCP love and air hugs! Jen

Topic/Theme: Flowers and planting seeds



5 Little Peas in the pea pod pressed

1 grew, 2 grew, so did all the rest

It grew and it grew and it did not stop.

It grew so big that the pea pod popped!


  • Create a flower diagram. Create and label the parts (Flower, stem, leaves, roots).

  • These flowers are fun too. Just cut out circles and fold them in half for the flower petals.

  • Carrot foot painting! Paint the toes green and the rest of the foot orange. Carefully press and hold the foot onto paper. Lift straight up. Be careful not to smudge! Once the paint dries you can draw lines across the foot. Cute keepsake!

Other Ideas:

  1. Count seeds! Label cups and have children place the appropriate amount of seeds in each cup. For added fine motor development you could use tweezers to pick up the seeds.

  2. Plant seeds! Use any small container, such as a K-cup, yogurt container, or egg container. Make sure you put a small hole in the bottom for drainage. Add soil and follow directions on the seed package for how deep to plant seeds. Water according to package directions. You may want to pick seeds that will sprout quickly such as radishes, lettuce, basil, marigold, zinnia, sunflower. If you plant sunflowers we would be able to use them at school in the fall when we study sunflowers!

  3. Use small containers as flower pots with your playdough. Kids can place seeds inside. Use a pipe cleaner or straw for a stem and fake flowers or paper flowers. Maybe you have a flower cookie cut out as shown in the photo, and buttons for the center.

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