Canby Community Preschool

A cooperative preschool for children ages 2 through 5 years old

  Friday, April 29
  Wednesday, May 4 @ 7:00pm
  (4s & AM Blend)
  Thursday, May 5 @ 7:00pm
  (3s & PM Blend)
  Monday, May 9 @ 7:00pm, CCP
Our Preschool
At Canby Community Preschool we support each child as an individual and focus on learning through play. The areas of development we focus on are social/emotional development, fine motor, gross motor, language, literacy, math and science.  
Our curriculum is designed to support the growth of each child through activities that will help children be successful and prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.  
The area of social/emotional development is something we target at the start of the school year and continue to work with children throughout the year. Our teachers are consistantly finding ways to help improve each child's ability to communicate with one another, work through their problems, and strategize ways to work positively with their peers and adults. 
Children need to be successful in these areas of development in order to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.  This continuum of social/emotional development is what we aim to accomplish throughout the school year!

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Come Together. Play Together. Grow Together.

Founded in 1995
Canby Community Preschool began in the fall of 1995 as Canby Cooperative Preschool. When the program separated from the Canby School District in the spring of 2002 the name was changed to Canby Community Preschool. The preschool was designed through a cooperative effort to include the thoughts and opinions of parents, staff, and community members. The goal of Canby Community Preschool is to provide a balance of experiences for preschool children to promote physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development. Parent education for members is an important element of the program.