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Information For Current & Future Parents

2023-2024 Preschool Class Schedule
2023-'24 Preschool Tuition & Help Days

3's Classes:  (Tue/Thur)

​​     Option A: $130   ~13 parent help days/year

     Option B: $180   ~ 7 parent help days/year


4's Classes:​  (Mon/Wed/Fri)
​     Option A: $155     ~ 15 parent help days/year
     Option B: $205     ~ 9 parent help days/year​

3's Classes

     Days: Tuesday / Thursday

​     Time: 9:00 - 11:45 am

     Teachers: Jen (Green) and Rosalie (Orange)


4's Classes

     Days: Monday / Wednesday / Friday
     Time: 9:00 - 11:45 am 
     Teachers: Jen (Blue) and Rosalie (Yellow)

Co-Op Family Requirements


Approximate, based on the number of students enrolled & school year calendar. For the 2021-22 school year, these days are higher due to the smaller class sizes, as adjusted to meet COVID-19 and keep in-person learning open and safe. 

Option A:  

  • 4s class ~ 15 a year

  • 3s class ~ 13 a year


Option B:   

  • 4s class ~ 8 a year

  • 3s class ~ 7 a year

Each family is responsible for one parent job. Parent jobs include the Executive Board (voted upon in April for the following year), Parent Advisory Council (PAC) positions, and Auction Procurement roles (appointed in May and following until filled). A complete list of parent jobs and open positions is sent to families prior to preschool Orientation in September. Parent job assignments are finalized by the Teachers and Vice President following Orientation.


  • Preschool families are required to attend the following mandatory preschool meetings:  Orientation & Class Parent Training (September), Auction Meeting (October), and Meeting of the Members (April).

  • Parents are encouraged, but not required, to attend monthly General Board Meetings (virtual or in person) each month (September through May), at 7-7:45 pm.


  • Each family is responsible for completing one auction job. Families will be able to provide preferences and requests from a list of jobs provided by the Auction Co-Chairs, and assignments will take place after the Mandatory Auction Meeting in October.

  • Additionally, each family is responsible for:

    • Procuring $300 of donated items/goods/services or do a cash buyout (don't worry, we help you in this process!)

    • Sell 20 raffle tickets at $5/each per child 


*​Attending and participating in the auction is not required, but encouraged (and a lot of fun!)

Tuition And Fees


  • Registration: $80 non-refundable and submitted with registration ​

  • School Supplies: $20 for the year, assessed with the first invoice (September) 


  • Tuition payments are due on the first of each month starting September 1st and late on the 11th of each month. 

  • First and last month's tuition is paid together in September's invoice, along with the school supply fee. 

  • CCP offers Scholarships and Emergency Hardship assistance to CCP Families. Contact the Treasurer for details. 


  • Credit card (monthly or auto-pay) in Family Portal

  • Bill pay from your bank to P.O. Box

  • Mail check to CCP P.O. Box

A 30-day written and dated notice of withdrawal from the program is required in order to receive a refund of the last month's tuition. This notice must be sent to the Registrar via email.

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