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Young Students


2024-25 Registration coming up! 

Feb 8th @ 8am: Current and Alumni 

Feb 15 @ 8am: All Families

2024-'25 Registration Information

For the 2023-24 school year, CCP offers classes for 3-year old and 4-year old students. Teachers Jen and Rosalie will each teach a 3's and a 4's class. Classes run from 9:00 am to 11:45 am, on either Tues-Thurs for 3's, or Mon-Wed-Fri for 4's students. Students must be either 3 or 4 by September 1st to be eligible for the class.  

A Registration Fee of $80 is non-refundable. This is invoiced and paid after your registration is processed by our Registrar. The Fee must be paid promptly to confirm enrollment. Class assignments will be distributed in the summer. 

Parent Responsibilities:
Parents have responsibilities of membership at our co-op school. Parents must be willing to help in the classroom, support fundraising activities, complete volunteer duties, and have a fun and positive attitude. 


  • Parent Job: Each family will be assigned a parent job for the school year. These are requested at or before Orientation. Jobs include fulfilling roles on the Executive Board or Parent Advisory Committee, along with supporting the weekly / monthly happenings or needs of the school. At our co-op, we all work together to keep our school running. 

  • Parent Help Days: Each family is responsible for fulfilling their required parent help days based on their tuition level. Plan A families assist about 2 times per month. Plan B families assist about once per month. Plan B monthly tuition is higher to compensate for a paid parent teacher, to help us ensure each school day is covered. Our school prioritizes Plan A families for enrollment. 

  • Auction: CCP holds an annual auction that provides at least 40% of our operating budget. The auction helps us keep tuition affordable. Parents are expected to contribute to the auction by procuring donations, selling raffle tickets, and completing an auction job. 

  • Mandatory Meetings: Parents are expected to attend three mandatory parent meetings, Orientation (September), Auction (October), and Meeting of the Members (April). These are also offered with an online (Zoom) component. Parents are encouraged, but not required, to attend monthly General school meetings (online) on the second Wednesday of each month, September through May, at 7pm.

What is the Role of Parent Teachers? 
At our co-op preschool, parents are expected to participate in the classroom. Two parent teachers in each class arrive at 8:30 am and will stay until all children are picked up, usually by 11:50 am. Parent teachers assist the lead teacher during arrivals, circle time, free play, snack time, and on the playground. Parent teachers also clean the classroom towards the end of the school day. 

Having parent participation is a big part of the community aspect of our parent-child co-op. Your assistance allows our teachers to expand the curriculum and activities for the children during class and helps ensure the safety of our students. Close family members can also volunteer in the school, provided they pass a background check and are vaccinated for COVID-19. 

More Information: 

Please visit our Parents Forms page to see our current Parent Handbook*, as well as our Scholarship Application, and Executive Board Letter of Interest. We are a community, coming together to help provide the best learning opportunities for our children and families, and would love for you to join us!  


*Handbook is subject to change in order to meet the current classes and guidelines for each school year. All parent documents and forms will be provided at the Parent Orientation meeting prior to school starting.  


Contact our Registrar, Jackie Traver, should you have enrollment questions:

2024-'25 Preschool Class Schedule

Rosalie's 3's (orange class)

     Days: Tuesday / Thursday

​     Time: 9:00 - 11:45 am


Jen's 3's (green class)
     Days: Tuesday / Thursday
     Time: 9:00 - 11:45 am​

Rosalie's 4's (yellow class)
     Days: Monday / Wednesday / Friday
     Time: 9:00 - 11:45 am 


Jen's 4's (blue class) 
     Days: Monday / Wednesday / Friday
     Time: 9:00 - 11:45 am 

Preschool Tuition & Help Days

3's  Classes:​  (2 days/week)
​     Option A:  $135     ~13 parent help days/year
     Option B:  $185     ~ 8 to 9 parent help days/year

4's Classes:​  (3 days/week)
​     Option A:  $160     ~15 parent help days/year
     Option B:  $210     ~ 9 to 11 parent help days/year​


Our school prioritizes families who select Option A for enrollment. 

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