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Kindergarten Enrichment

    Class Days: Mon-Wed-Fri

    Time: 1:00 - 3:40 pm

    Starts: ________


    Registration Fee: $80

    Tuition: $175 / month

    Child must be 5 years of age by



    K+ supports Kindergarten learning in

    certified virtual, hybrid or homeschool

    programs. It does not replace any of

    these programs.

About Kindergarten Enrichment

Our new offering for 2020-21 supports our most recent CCP alumni, the Kinders! 


Teacher Jen Keeney is excited to teach a Kindergarten Enrichment (K+) on M/W/F afternoons (1-3:40 PM) from September through May. This class reinforces the CCP philosophy that young children learn best through play and will augment additional Kindergarten learning, whether you have chosen a virtual, hybrid or homeschool option for school this year. 


In similar fashion to our preschool classes, K+ will encourage children through math games, journals, songs, stories, arts and crafts, and movement. K+ will include extensions for children who are ready to read, write, and learn math concepts. We will explore how letters form words and words form sentences. We will play games with sight words. We will count by 2’s, 5’s 10’s and work on number sense. 


Our curriculum will be driven by science. Although our alumnae students will have learned about the human body and outer space previously, they will enjoy revisiting the subjects and naturally take their learning further. 


Sample Schedule:

12:55-1:15    Staggered arrival (health check), sign-in, journal or math games and free choice. 

1:20-1:50    Circle time stories, songs, movement, and calendar

1:50-2:35    Stations: art, science, blocks, reading, writing

2:35-2:45    Clean up and wash hands

2:45-3:05    Snack (brought from home) 

3:05-3:15    Clean up and get ready to go outside

3:15-3:40    Outside playtime

3:35-3:45    Staggered dismissal


Parent Teachers:

As a co-op school, parents are expected to participate in the classroom. We need one parent teacher per class who will arrive by 12:45 pm and can stay until all children are picked up. We will also need one parent per class who can arrive by 3:15pm to help deep clean the classrooms and playground. With a class of 10 children, you can expect to do each job once a month, and occasionally twice.


Parent Responsibilities:

Parents have responsibilities of membership at our co-op school. Parents must be willing to help in the classroom, support fundraising activities, complete volunteer duties, and have a fun and positive attitude. 


  • Parent Job: Each family will be assigned a parent job for the school year. These are requested at or before Orientation on August 25th. 

  • Auction: CCP holds an annual auction that provides about 40% of our funding. The auction helps us keep tuition affordable. Parents are expected to contribute to the auction by procuring donations, selling raffle tickets and completing an auction job. 

  • Mandatory Meetings: Parents are expected to attend three mandatory parent meetings, Orientation (August), Auction (October) and Meeting of the Members (April). These will likely be offered with an online (Zoom) component in 2020-21. Parents are encouraged, but not required, to attend monthly General school meetings (online) on the second Wednesday of each month, September through May, at 7 pm.

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