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May 4 - 8, 2020: Mother's Day

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Mother’s Day and Spring Flowers

Moms are superheroes! This week is all about celebrating moms and showering them with flowers! The spring season is really coming into full effect and I love seeing all the beautiful flowers! When focusing on showering moms, I thought it’d be fun incorporate flower activities as we are beginning to see them everywhere, making it easier to explore with them. It’d be great if someone other than mom could help to create one of the first few projects and/or the gift project that will be dropped off on your doorstep, but I understand that may not be possible. I do hope you all have a very happy Mother’s Day and thank you for all the many superhero things you do!

Link to YouTube channel for read aloud with me:

  • I’m hoping that moms can view the video with the kiddos this week. :)

1. I Love You Because…

This activity is a branch off of our story I Love You Because You’re You read aloud this week. Your child can create a flower for mom or grandma stating reasons why she is loved on the petals. Count the petals and if you make a pattern, you could model reading the pattern.

2. Tulip Garden Create a beautiful tulip garden for mom or grandma, using a fork dipped in paint! Count up the how many is made tulips are in your garden and say the colors.

3. A Bouquet of Flowers Cut celery down to its base to create a flower stamp. Make a bouquet for mom!

4. Handprint Flower

Encourage your child to paint his/her own hand to create a flower and then use his/her finger or paintbrush to create the stem. Practice counting by counting the fingers and how any leaves are made. Could make one for mom and grandma!

5. Flower Stamping Create a floral picture using flowers as the stamps for painting. Go on a nature walk and hunt for flowers together that can be used. Smell the flowers, talk about the colors and their names. Your child could give his/her creation to someone special- you!!

6. Frozen Flowers Experiment Hunt down a variety of flowers to freeze in an ice cube tray or storage container. A few ideas of things you could talk about while making and playing with the ice: the concept of items that sink and float, make predictions, ask it he/she thinks the flowers will fall apart or stay together, find tools to use to extract, talk about temperature, how to make it melt, and/or investigate using magnifying glass.

7. Hammering Petals Place the parts of a flower onto white paper. Find a rock, block, or a child hammer and hammer away! It could be turned into card and sent to someone special.

8. Parts of Flowers Art Create natural art using parts of a flower, paper and glue! Take notice of the changes as it dries.

9. Flower Sensory Bottle Go on a flower hunt! Investigate the flowers as your child picks them. Place in water bottle, jar, or anything clear you have on hand and give it a shake!

10. Flower Soup Fill a container with water and put either real or fake flowers inside. Grab ladles, spoons and bowls for playing with the flower soup!

11. Flower Puzzles Play a game of matching up flowers. You could also draw flowers to do the same thing. Count them up and name the color!

12. Scissor Practice If your child is ready to practice using scissors, he/she could cut the edges of a cupcake liner to make flowers.

13. Shape Flowers Cut out a variety of petal, leaf and stem shapes to create flowers. Your child could practice naming the shapes, colors and practice counting. If your family all made one, you could make a family flower garden!



You are all the BEST!

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