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May 4 - 8, 2020: Mother's Day and Flowers

Hello Parents,

This week we would have been preparing for the Mother’s Dessert. I am so sorry to miss this event. Try to recreate it at home if you can. Have your child (and maybe Dad) prepare a dessert. Then let your child serve the dessert to you. It is really sweet to see how much they love to serve you. Be sure to point out that they are thinking of someone else not themselves. This is true bucket filling! Thinking of others is not always natural for children and it takes practice. Try to be aware of acts of kindness however small it might seem and then let your child know you noticed.

I read Are You My Mother this week. Watch it on our class playlist on YouTube.

Other Books:


Flower Snacks:

Science Experiment:

  • Color Changing Flowers Science Experiment

    • Collect flowers in the yard or when you are out on a walk (weeds are great and children love giving any type of flower). Put the flowers in a paper towel and then carefully press them in a book. Leave them there for a few days and then make a bookmark.

Math Games:

  • Draw a stem and maybe the middle of a flower. Use the petals you collected to make the flower and then count the petals. You could also use a die and then add the number of petals you roll.

  • I have added several math games to the pdf this time. One roll and cover flower game and one unicorn game you could let your child color and then use it as a homemade board game.



I hope you have a good week and you are able to try some of the ideas I’ve shared. Please know that you can contact me at any time and I will offer you help in any way I can.

Sending you love and a hug,


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