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April 13 - 17, 2020: Trees and Camping!

Hello Parents,

I have to say I was very disappointed to learn that we would not return to school this year. I was really holding out hope that we would get back to school for a few weeks. I will continue to send out weekly plans and hopefully we will be able to get together in June or July for some sort of end of the year celebration with your class.

I found this article and wanted to share it with you. You are doing so much right now. Being able to give yourself a little grace may be just what is needed.

This week we are talking about trees and camping. We would have had the Tree Lady from Talk About Trees come into the classroom and talk about trees and teach us how to make paper. This recipe tells you to use a blender to make the paper. The tree lady used a tightly sealed tupperware container and has the children shake the container until pulp is formed.

This week, I read the book When we go camping by Margriet Ruurs (The illustrations in this book are beautiful.) The video is on the new CCP YouTube channel and our class playlist.

Other Books:


Ideas for home:

  • Math games: I know I keep saying this but count and begin to add anything. Draw a tree trunk and then have them cut little pieces of paper to make the leaves. How many leaves are on the tree? For the older children turn it into an addition or subtraction problem. (I’ve included many math games in the attached pdf)

  • Use toilet paper rolls as the trunk of a tree. Staple or glue branches and leaves to the tree. Make a forest and then bring in any play forest animals you might have. You could have the animals in the playdough.

  • Art/Science: Observational painting or drawing a tree. Make sure to talk about and include the different parts of a tree.(roots, bark, branches, stems, leaves, veins) I like the way this picture shows the dirt and roots. Yarn is used to make the roots.

  • If you can go for a little hike at Eco Park. (Parking lot on Territorial) Go off the paved part and onto the dirt trails. The trees are really big and you can talk about the different parts of a tree. (roots, bark, branches, stems, leaves, veins). Talk about how trees are good for the environment and how they breathe in the CO2 that we breathe out, and we breathe in the O2 that they breathe out. Basically trees clean the air for us.

  • Have your child draw the trunk of a tree using a brown crayon then cut out the bottom portion of an egg carton to use as the leaves.

  • A snack idea would be to use straight pretzels as the trunk of a tree and then cut grapes in half to use as leaves. Don’t forget to count the leaves!

  • Use a triangle cut out of paper or fabric to make a tent. Make a door in the tent and then have your child draw themselves inside the tent. They can add trees, fire and a pond. This will be the beginning of their camping story. Have them tell you a story about camping. Write the story down and attach it to the tent drawing. The next time you are together as a family read the story or have them tell the story.

Please remember that I have given you a lot of ideas and do not expect you to use or do all of these. Use what you can and if you have any questions or need help in any way contact me. I am here for you!

Take good care.


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