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May 11-15, 2020: Caterpillars and Butterflies

Hello all! I sure hope you had a nice weekend and were able to celebrate a mom and/or be treasured for the great mom you are! There are great books, songs, and activities about caterpillars turning to butterflies for your children this week too. Please open the PDF and choose a few things you can do with your child this week. I've included photos of caterpillars growing at my house over the last couple of weeks.

The read aloud video I recorded is a book called Waiting for Wings and I also show them in chrysalis form. I hope to show the children as they become butterflies and we release them next week. By the way, next week is our last week of "school"! CCP love and air hugs, Teacher Jen

Topic: Caterpillars and Butterflies


Songs and Movement:


Here is a great video on how to make a symmetrical butterfly. We would have done something like this is at school. Explain that symmetry is when something is the same on both sides, like a mirror image. I included a video/song on symmetry too that they will enjoy.

Coffee filter butterflies are fun too! If we were at school I would use watercolors with droppers for this, but at home I would just use water color paints for this project. After it dries, tie it together in the middle with a clothespin and/or pipe cleaners.

Other ideas:

Play with your food and make a butterfly snack! Here are some ideas.

Make a Caterpillar to Butterfly life cycle on a paper plate. Divide the paper plate into quarters, like 4 pieces of pizza. Label the 4 quarters: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly.

Show your kids these photos of the caterpillars as they grew. Then in this week's read aloud video I show them that they turned into a chrysalis. As of Sunday morning they are butterflies! I will show them as butterflies next week.

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