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April 27 - May 1, 2020: Nocturnal Animals!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Hello Parents,

I hope this letter finds you hanging in there? Each day seems to be a new adventure. Please take good care of yourself as well as your children. I know this is really hard to do (taking care of yourself). I wish I could give you a hug!

We will still try our hardest to plan a class get together in June or July. I really hope this will work out! I know the children are missing their friends.

I have to say this might be the week I will miss the most with the children. I love to see the look on their face when we start talking about nocturnal animals. They really have a hard time understanding why every creature doesn’t just sleep at night like we do. At this age, sleeping during the day means nap time and that really isn’t fun!! :)

This week, I read the book Owl Babies for the children. The video, along with the books and songs listed below, are on our class YouTube playlist for you to discover and enjoy.

Other books:

  • Owl Moon narrated by the author Jane Yolan (This is a wonderful book and I love it when the author narrates.)

  • “I’m not scared!”

  • The Searcher and the Old Tree

  • Night Animals for Kids

  • Little Owl’s Night

  • Little Owl’s Day


  • Nocturnal by Billy Jonas

  • Owl Sinalong by Raffi

  • All About Owls for Kids

  • Owl Song by the Kiboomers

  • Yoga for kids with animals

Here are some ideas for home that mimic what we would have done in the classroom this week:

Nocturnal animal scavenger hunt:

  • Print out the animals in the PDF. Hide the animals around the house or outside. Give children a flashlight to find the animals. For the older children make a book with the same pictures that you hide and then check off the animals that you find. This does take some work on your part but it really is fun.

  • Direct draw: Have your child draw an owl, then have your child tell you a nocturnal animal story (make sure you write it down, this shows your child that you really value the story and want to save it). I have to say that it is pretty funny to look back at the stories they write at this age.

    • Owl Drawing

  • Owl Science Activities and Experiments

  • Torn Paper Owl Craft - Vancouver Island View

  • Owl Babies - Extension of the book I read. Great ideas! (

  • 6 Nocturnal Animal Crafts

  • Rock Owls (Craft for Kids)

    • Supplies Needed: Flat rocks/stones Acrylic paint Paintbrush Black sharpie Start by painting two white circles on the rocks for the owl’s eyes. Then paint little colored wings and an orange triangle beak. Let dry. Once the paint is completely dry, take a black sharpie and draw some pupils and feathers!

As I end this I want you to know that I think of you and your child everyday! I am missing each of you and hope that you are all healthy and doing the best you can.

CCP love and hugs,


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