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May 11-15, 2020: Numbers Week

Good morning families! This week our focus is on numbers! I’ve put together some activities that I think will be fun for your family. Like weeks past, there are many ideas of things to do, so please do not feel you need to complete them all. Pick and choose what works for your child. The activities are centered around the numbers 1-5, but if that is too much or too little, feel free to do what your child is ready for. Have fun! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a nice Mother’s Day. The sunshine sure did make for a great weekend for my family! CCP Hugs, Rosalie

Numbers Week Link to YouTube channel for read aloud with me:

Number Toy Hunt!

Write the numbers 1-5 on separate pieces of paper. Make circles for the corresponding number on the paper. Encourage your child to go on a toy hunt with you and bring back the number of toys written on the paper. Count the circles first, using your finger to point to each circle, say the number and go on the hunt! Line up the papers in number order and count the numbers together. You could show your child the number for how old he/she is or ask him/her to find the number if he/she knows it.

Number Target Practice

Write the numbers 1-5 (or more) on individual paper plates. Place them on the ground, grass or hang them up on a wall or fence. Help your child take aim and toss the ball onto the plate. Say the number before throwing the ball. You could use a water balloon or a wet sponge instead of a ball too!

Secret Number Painting

On a white piece of paper, use a white crayon to write 1-5 scattered about. Next comes the magic! Have your child use water color paints to hunt for the numbers hidden on the paper, saying the number out loud as he/she finds them! Practice counting by touching each number in sequential order. If your child is ready, you could include more numbers.

Grab some paper, a pen, tape, and a small ball or car. Create number tunnels and begin the game!

Parking Lot

Create a parking lot using the numbers 1-5 on a piece of paper. Find 5 cars and tape a number to the roof of the car. Call out a number and encourage your child to drive the car and park it in the matching number parking space.

Q-Tip Number Painting

Grab a piece of paper and some paint. Next, write the numbers 1-5 on a piece of paper. Use q-tip or paintbrush and guide your child’s hand through painting each number. You could use a different color of paint for each number to encourage color recognition as well while practicing fine motor skills.

Number Recognition Using a Cupcake Pan

Write the numbers 1-5 on individual cupcake wrappers of on a piece of paper. Place them into the cupcake pan. Find some objects small enough to count to place into the correct liner. Starting with number one, begin counting out the objects one at a time and match the amount to the number. If your child is has shown to know his/her numbers, as a challenge, you could mix up the numbers and have him/her find them!

Numbers Water Dump

Using chalk, write numbers 1-5 on a surface outside. Fill a cup with water and call out a number. Find the number together and give the number a bath!

Numbers Playdough

Roll play dough into snakes and form them into numbers!

Number Tracing Printable:


  • Doggies By Sandra Boynton

  • How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten! By Jane Yolen

  • 1, 2, 3 To The Zoo By Eric Carle

  • Ten Black Dots By Donald Crews


  • Number Freeze Dance Song By The Kiboomers

  • Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed By The Kiboomers

  • Five Little Speckled Frogs

  • Ten Little Dinosaurs By Little Baby Bum

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