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May 18-22, 2022: Friendship and the Alphabet

Hello Parents,

This week we are looking at friendship and the alphabet. I will be giving you a lot of ideas about how to have fun with the alphabet. Please remember to follow your child’s lead. Not every child will be ready for the activities. We really want the younger children to be excited about the letters in their name. I promise the other letters will become important as they get older.

I read Rocket Learns to Read from our classroom and I show all the artwork the children have sent me. It really has been so nice to connect with the children even through mail. Thank you for helping make that connection!

Our playlist also includes these books and songs for you to watch with your child:


Here are some ideas for home to learn about the Alphabet:

  1. Use dry erase markers to write the ABC’s on a window and have your child erase the letters as you say them or by drawing a card.

  2. Friendship journal--(included in the pdf)

  3. ABC’s scavenger hunt. (Print out in the pdf)

  4. This is a great website with fun ideas:

The PDF I’m including has four different alphabet games. The games I am including can be fun but please remember to follow your child’s lead.

I love teaching because I love the energy, enthusiasm and curiosity of the children and I have really missed that. I have also really missed visiting with each of you.

Sending you love and a hug,


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